Men's fashion basic black and white matching

How to Color Match Clothing for Men

As every fashionable gent recognizes, textile and also fit are both structures of any type of well-put-together set. Just as essential is colour, and also particularly just how you work with and also match different hues within your appearance. It’s likely they pay close focus to these 3 areas of design if you’ve ever wondered just how a specific tastemaker’s outfits appearance so stunning.

Your much-loved brand or designer will certainly stick to a few basic policies of colour concept in order to generate collections that feel harmonious. It’s the exact same process followed by indoor developers, musicians, cars and truck suppliers and also across virtually all areas of item layout.

2 Main Factors To Consider When Picking Outfit Colours

  1. The colour wheel: to determine differences and also resemblances in between colours.
  2. Colour harmony: exactly how to couple 2 or more colours based upon a range of key formulas.
    It seems much more challenging than it is. There are easy standards to adhere to, and dabble. Keep reading to read more regarding just how we colour suit and approaches in which a cohesive clothing can be collaborated.
Men's fashion wearing a blue suit

The Colour Wheel

The all-natural order of colour is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. If you take this colour wheel on face value, the most typical concept recommends you match revers. You must likewise consider Hue, Saturation and also Brightness, to create a cohesive combination.

Color, Saturation And Brightness

Shade refers to a colour’s specific place on the colour wheel. For example, there are 3 selections of orange situated around the circumference of the colour wheel; taking a trip anti-clockwise these lead right into red; clockwise into yellow. A shade can be developed by blending a mix of the three main colours (red, blue and yellow).

Saturation describes the strength of each colour (look down the orange triangular in the colour wheel).

Illumination refers to the relative lightness of a colour, from black (0% illumination) to white (100% illumination). This is not revealed on the colour wheel.

Combining colours is where it gets a little complicated, however your total goal is to cohesively integrate contrast. It seems contradictory yet comparison makes your outfit appear even more interesting, and also marrying colours in the ideal combination creates communication. Consider it as creating a ‘theme’ of colours, if you will, optimised by varying the saturation, brightness and also color levels of each colour in the scheme.

To maintain a natural palette, you would typically choose two different colours (sometimes one if monochromatic, see listed below) of the 3 colour residential properties (saturation, shade or illumination), however keep the 3rd building regular.

Neutrals– Black, White And Grey

There are three primary colour regulations you ought to comply with (although there are more). Because they have no hue or saturation degree they aren’t technically taken into consideration colours.

You may additionally combine 2 or all 3 of these neutrals with each other. Additionally, brown, tan, lotion, beige and khaki are thought about versions of neutrals, in spite of being colours in their very own.


The colours of a monochromatic combination have a solitary shade, but vary in illumination and saturation. Take an appearance at the two single examples from Todd Snyder above. To the left, an all-blue event with gently differing levels of saturation and brightness, yet the same color. It’s a similar method to the brown ensemble on the right. This “tonal” means of dressing is a massive males’s fashion fad this year, specifically when carried out in tones of white.

Men's fashion basic black and white matching


Complementary colour palettes are based on 2 different, corresponding shades that tend to be there (or thereabouts) contrary per various other on the colour wheel. Feel free to mix as well as match illumination as well as saturation between both tones, whilst remembering the colours do not need to be bold. Think blue and also orange (above left), green as well as pink (above right, with ‘neutral’ navy trousers) or yellow and also purple (the Los Angeles Lakers really did not select their palette by coincidence).


Similar colour palettes include two or three various yet neighbouring colors. Preferably you ‘d maintain saturation and brightness the exact same but it’s fine to match and also blend to a factor. Green and blue is strong mix, as received the eco-friendly tee and blue swim shorts look above; it’s the same red and blue, which has long been a go-to fit and also tie pairing.

Last and Final Thoughts

Set of three(ic) is a 4th term offered to three shades in the colour wheel that are equal distance apart from each various other. Pink, orange and also green for instance. It’s a challenging one to grasp, so we recommend adhering to the three concepts above before venturing past.

It’s smart to pick colours to match your skin tone as well as the celebration. The best fifty percent of the wheel is “warm” and suitable for spring/summer whereas the left side of the wheel is “trendy” and also better fit to autumn/winter. Of program, this isn’t a rapid and also difficult guideline. As well as do not forget, you can constantly effortlessly integrate all 3 colour policies over with grey, black as well as white.

Don’t take these guidelines too actually. As an example, purchasing bold blue pants as well as combining with a strong orange T-shirt would certainly inspect the box of colour matching appropriately. You must consider all three factors– illumination, tone and saturation– for an extra ” or toned-down strategy to blue and also orange. We aren’t peacocks, nevertheless. Constantly provide on your own the “mirror check” prior to you leave the house, as well as if you wish to use an especially vibrant item of apparel– an orange sweatshirt or eco-friendly chinos, for instance– begin with this thing and after that colour match back utilizing the concepts over.

On the other hand, you can play it risk-free with a neutral base then add an emphasize colour to introduce a sprinkle of difference. The navy two-piece with red connection clothing above is an excellent example, with the navy suit being a staple of any male’s closet.

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