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Who's a Scientologist?

April 14th 2006 14:59
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With the infamous Scientologic baby due any day now, it's good to do a review of who is in support of the silent birth of the progeny of Tom Cruise.

Below is a list of Hollywood celebs who are known Scientologists (or who used to be). I love lists like this. It uncomplicates things.

1. Kirstie Alley, actress
2. Anne Archer, actress

3. Catherine Bell, actress
4. Mary Bono, politician
5. Sonny Bono, singer and politician
6. Erika Christensen, actress
7. Tom Cruise, actor
8. Placido Domingo, Jr., singer
9. Jenna Elfman, actress
10. Soleil Moon Frye, actress
11. Paul Haggis, director of "Crash"
12. Beck Hansen, musician
13. Isaac Hayes, singer, actor
14. Katie Holmes, actress
15. Chaka Khan, singer
16. Jason Lee, actor
17. Juliette Lewis, actress
18. Peggy Lipton, actress
19. Christopher Masterson, actor
20. Danny Masterson, actor
21. Brandy Norwood, actress and singer
22. Lisa Marie Presley, singer
23. Priscilla Presley, actress
24. Kelly Preston, actress
25. Leah Remini, actress
26. Giovanni Ribisi, actor
27. Mimi Rogers, actress
28. Michelle Stafford, actress
29. Patrick Swayze, actor
30. Greta Van Susteren, TV host
31. Rob Thomas, singer
32. John Travolta, actor
33. Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer (former Scientologist)
34. Eileen Brennan, actress (former Scientologist)
35. William S. Burroughs, author (former Scientologist)
36. Kate Capshaw, actress (former Scientologist)

37. Kathy Lee Crosby, actress (former Scientologist)
38. Emilio Estevez, actor (former Scientologist)
39. Gloria Gaynor, singer (former Scientologist)
40. Leif Garrett, singer (former Scientologist)
41. Charles Manson, serial killer (former Scientologist)
42. Ricky Martin, singer (former Scientologist)
43. Demi Moore, actress (former Scientologist)
44. Van Morrison, singer (former Scientologist)
45. Brad Pitt, actor (former Scientologist)
46. Lou Rawls, singer (former Scientologist)
47. Jerry Seinfeld, actor/comedian (former Scientologist)
48. Tom Skerritt, actor (former Scientologist)
49. Oliver Stone, movie director (former Scientologist)
50. Sharon Stone, actress (former Scientologist)
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8 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Cibbuano

April 15th 2006 00:56
How do all these hollywood types get into Scientology? How did that start?

Comment by Jessica

April 18th 2006 08:45
I don't know.

Comment by Jimbo

April 19th 2006 02:15
Bono is a scientologist? Ugh, I just lost all faith in U2...

Music Times

Comment by Glen

April 20th 2006 10:50
Closer to home, I believe Kate Cebrano is Scientologist. I am pretty sure it was the hip religion for a while. I heard on the radio they are struggling to get new money because the belief Madonna subscribes to (not sure of its name) is in now. Cruise was targeting James Packer - imagine if Kerry new James was thinking of giving his money away to a cult...

Travel Australia

Comment by Anonymous

February 5th 2007 10:39
Scientology is gay, its the stupidest thing ive ever heard anyone make up, i mean aliens come on, how stupid is that? these celebrities are freakin idiots!!! it sounds like somethin my 7 year old son made up.

Comment by Um...

January 21st 2008 14:41
...Bono is a scientologist? Ugh, I just lost all faith in U2...

Not that Bono. Cher's Bono.

Comment by Tom Cruise is gay

June 29th 2008 15:32
smoking gun .....

Really Long Link

Question; Was Rob Thomas ever a scientologist? IF so is there any proof (pix, interviews?).??

Comment by Anonymous

August 20th 2008 08:41
Scientology is a lot like dope. Everybody tries it at some point in their life, but quickly realizes that unless you want to go nowhere in life, you kick the habit.

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